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The NLP Life Coach Directory

The NLP Life Coach Directory is a portal for NLP Practitioners,  Hypnotherapists, Personal Life Coaches,  Business Coaches, Career Coaches, EFT Coaches, Fitness, Health Coaches, Relationship Coaches and those wishing to locate providers of those services.

Remember that simple saying – ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. If you are the right person to share that problem, then by joining The NLP Life Coach Directory you can change someone’s life for the better.

What is The NLP Life Coach Directory About?

NLP / Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of the leading aspects of both personal and business development.  As more and more people become aware of the power of NLP and understand how using NLP techniques such as Anchoring, Time Line Therapy and NLP Rapport can be beneficial, more people are turning to NLP Practitioners to overcome issues that may be limiting their lives; whether personally or professionally.

Many people have used NLP for smoking cessation, discovered the benefits of using NLP to achieve weight loss and how to use NLP for phobias.

Not only do we provide a comprehensive list of NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches at the NLP Life Coach Directory we will access the latest NLP articles and make them available to our users.  If you are an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist or a Life Coach who would like to share their knowledge; you are welcome to submit your article to our site so that others can gain from you.

Who is The NLP Life Coach Directory For?

The NLP Life Coach Directory offers a quality service to those seeking the answer to what can sometimes be the most difficult questions. If someone has arrived at our site we aim to provide them with the best options possible. So our site is not solely for NLP Practitioners.

If you are looking for an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist or Life Coach our search facilities allows you to search by category, city, town or county.  You can also request a FREE CONSULTATION and speak to a practitioner / hypnotherapist or life coach to find the most suitable match.

As a Life Coach or Hypnotherapist your services are often sought in conjunction with NLP.  Life coaching is all about supporting and empowering people to become the best they can be.  So if you can change someone’s life – whether as a career coach, business coach, by helping someone build confidence or being the  relationship coach that can improve a life; we are confident that your services will be appreciated by the users of The NLP Life Coach Directory.

Why choose The NLP Life Coach Directory?

Our directory of NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches is an ideal tool if you want to find a service close to you. We list NLP Practitioners hypnotherapists and Life Coaches and we will continually update our directory. If you are looking for an NLP Practitioner, NLP Practitioner Training company, Hypnotherapists or a Life Coach in your area and are having difficulty finding one, please use our contact form and we will do our best to locate one for you and add them to our directory.

NLP Master Practitioners, NLP Practitioners, NLP Coaches, NLP Life Coaches

All our members are listed under the most relevant category to ensure that you find exactly what kind of service you are looking for. Our easy to use search tool means that you can search by keyword, town, citycounty, category, name or country and get results instantly.

NLP Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

Whether you are just starting out or an established business – great advice from proven, successful experts will increase the success of your company. NLP business coaching and executive coaching can offer you the advice strategies and solutions that could make the vital difference between success and failure.

NLP Training?

If you are interested in learning NLP then this is the site for you. Here at the NLP Life Coach Directory you can find some of the best NLP Training organisations. Go to our NLP Practitioner Training category to access NLP Training  courses including NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training courses with NLP Trainers offering recognised certification.


Hypnotherapy is an established and effective way to treat a wide range of issues such as stress, anxiety, low confidence, phobias and fears.  Many hypnotherapists are also qualified NLP Practitioners who often use a combination of their skills during their sessions.  One of the most popular current and most successful uses of hypnotherapy is for weight loss.

You can search for a hypnotherapist by  town, city or county and get results instantly.

Life Coaches

Life coaching covers a wide area. We list coaches by specialisation; however you may not be sure exactly what type of coach you need, so we have included a general Life Coach category where you can browse at your leisure and find a Life Coach by town.

NLP Practitioners,Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches you can join our directory by clicking on the Add a Listing button and completing the submission form.