Terms & Conditions


It is the prospective client’s responsibility to choose and contact an individual Coach, NLP Practitioner or Personal Trainer.

A listing on the nlplifecoachdirectory.co.uk does not imply an endorsement. Insure that any coach, NLP practitioner, personal trainer or life coach you choose is fully qualified and a member of their relevant governing bodies/associations. In addition ask for client testimonials.

The nlplifecoachdirectory.co.uk does not accept responsibility for any problems or issues that you encounter with anyone listed in this directory.


A listing will be guaranteed for at least one whole year. A listing will remain in the directory after that period until either the directory is closed, or a listed company asks to be removed.

The price for a listing in the directory is the price per category.

All packages are set to automatic recurring payments by Paypal.  It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel payments if they wish to terminate their listing.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding copyright infringements within individual listings. It is the coaches responsibility to ensure they are the copyright holder (or have permission from the copyright holder) of the information contained within their listing. Any listing shown to infringe a third party’s copyright will be removed from the directory. We are required to do this under UK copyright law. If a listing is removed from the directory for a copyright infringement, no refund will be provided.

All coaches are responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within their listings. All content within the listings is written by the individual coaches themselves, not by the nlplifecoachdirectory.co.uk

External website links contained within the listings themselves are regularly checked to ensure there are no broken links. If an external website link is found to be broken on two separate occasions, it will be removed from the listing.

The nlplifecoachdirectory.co.uk shall not be liable for any interruption or temporary or otherwise shut down of the website or any omissions, interruptions, suspension or deletion of emails.

The nlplifecoachdirectory.co.uk reserves the right to change at any time the appearance/layout/content of this website or the directory